Phase One IQ4 150mp UI Walkthrough
How Phase One Prepared for 150mp

Phase One has been preparing for 150mp imaging by investing in their digital back platform, their lens lineup, their XF body platform, their Capture One software, and their distribution. Back 150 megapixels is a lot of data, especially at the…

Phase One XF IQ4 Camera System Video With Lau Nørgaard
A look into the creation of the IQ4 and Phase One's overall Infinity Platform, featuring Phase's VP of R&D, Lau Nørgaard. Take a look!
The Infinity Platform – Decoding Marketing Speak

There are a lot of questions around Phase One’s new Infinity Platform. Not the least of which is “Is this a real feature or just ad speak?” The team at DT CommercialPhoto, a division of Digital Transitions, took the time…